Going beyond distribution every day, 

we are a commercialization partner.

Background: Our reason for existance within todays medical distribution markets.

Facilitating commercial activity in medical markets.

Medical specialization, local market structures, health technology assessments, cost-orientation, hospitals without walls, homecare, telemedicine and personalized medicine are making the healthcare industry increasingly complex.  Complexity in healthcare has reached its zenith and it’s not expected to come down anytime soon. To mitigate such complexity, local market knowledge, seamless supply chains, rich product knowledge, homegrown relationships and commercial execution are essential.

Expect more, we are different.

This is why we are different.

Our vision

Know the market, be engrained with the local medical market, and establish partnerships with mutual benefits.

Our Loyalty

We believe in loyalty to a single partner manufacturer within each medical product segment. Though it is our aspiration to be covering all medical product types, it is not our ambition to partner with all product manufacturers. For any product category that we commercialize, we only allow for a single manufacturing partner. Success mandates exclusivity and exclusivity requires dedication. Our partnerships in medical distribution are intended to be for the long run. Our clients always get the dedication and service they deserve.

Our Dedication

Engrained networks within healthcare systems requires dedication. We are dedicated to the BENELUX life sciences market which entails Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. On top of this we’ve established a network of distribution partners that allow us to bring your products to market in the Middle East as well as Africa.


Our ability to listen to what the end-users need

We continuously scan for market needs and opportunities. We listen to payers, patients and healthcare providers to understand their needs for medical supplies. When we identify a gap we pro-actively engage with manufacturers that can fulfil this need in the most cost-effective manner.

Our Expertise

Our associates all have over 15 years of experience in bringing medical products to market and provide in depth market knowledge.

And all in one pocket: One-stop shop

Services for commercial enablement.

Consulting Services and Market Knowledge

Navigating today’s evolving healthcare landscape to bring novel technologies to market or to enter a red ocean of alternatives can be complex. Managing commercialization, access and regulatory requirements is critical to the lifecycle of your product. Elbrecht provides a portfolio of services combined with uncontested market knowledge to ensure that you make the right choices. Even if that means to walk away from a business opportunity.

Commercial execution

Drafting the tactical commercial plan in sync with your regional strategy, establishing relationships with key opinion leaders, managing the sales cycle, identifying leads, closing the deal. We are your partner for every element of the medical commercialization process.

Market access & Pricing

Obtaining access in the Netherlands or Belgium goes far beyond obtaining regulatory approval. We help our clients obtain a reimbursement level in sync with the value that their product bring to the targeted patient population.

Medical Distribution

Do you prefer to keep it simple, do you like us to be the market authorization holder of your product within Belgium, Netherlands or Luxembourg, we can do that for you. Simple and classic but still with the same dedication.


We can commercialize your product for you, or you can do it yourself. In any case we can provide you access to the local talent you need to launch your medical product within Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Regulatory proceedings and Legal support

Having our own legal department inhouse we can provide our clients with the desired legal advice to ensure that you meet the local legal and regulatory requirements for your product category for the countries in concern.

Medical product range in scope.

From the cradle to the grave, we provide access to medical interventions along the healthcare continuum.

Medical Technology

MedTech is no longer the ugly stepchild of pharmaceutical alternatives. The medical technology market has known a steep evolution and has become a cornerstone to modern healthcare delivery. We provide a wide-ranging variety of medical equipment to healthcare professionals across the healthcare continuum. From a simple incontinence product to fully integrated and invasive continuous glucose monitoring system. We facilitate our partners achieving their commercial goals. Medical technology, like pharmaceuticals is becoming hyperspecialized and it requires dedication to bring products to market (e.g.  lab equipment, acute care supplies, wound care products, nutritional supplies, home care, software, personal protective equipment, drug-administration, implants, …)

Pharmaceutical Products

For our clients we actively promote branded, generic and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals to wholesalers, pharmacists (hospital an local), retail, as well as groceries, positioning the product in such way that it meets the needs of the channel it is distributed through. For products that are missing accurate reimbursement we facilitate the value dossier creation, payer conversations, pricing and health economic positioning.

Healthcare professionals and stakeholders serviced.

Our commercial partners can access a wide span of healthcare professionals through our services. Including but not limited to: hospitals, general practitioners, nurses, dentists, geriatricians, allergists, ophthalmologists, obstetrician/gynecologists, cardiologists,  endocrinologists, neurologists, dermatologists, hospital information officers, hospital executive officers, hospital managers (incl. purchasing and finance), internal medicine physicians, nephrologists, urologists, pulmonologists, otolaryngologists, psychiatrists, oncologists, radiologists, rheumatologists, surgeons, intensive care physicians. We cover the product end user as well as the payer and authorities and ensure that your product commercialization is in sync with expectations and regulations from the local European Authorities.

Geography covered.

We focus on the BENELUX Region (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) and complement this market dedication with a network of partners in Middle-East and Africa.